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As the South African government considers introducing fracking to the Karoo, filmmaker Jolynn Minnaar decides to investigate the effects of this controversial process. Armed with nothing more than her inquisitive nature and a camera, Minnaar enters America's heart of darkness, the frontline of the fracking industry.

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When reports emerge of crimes against humanity, Human Rights Watch sends in The E-Team, emergency investigators who document violations and reveal them to the world. Here, jounalist Lindsey Hilsum discusses the film with E-Team member Fred Abrahams.

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Red Lines

This is a side of war you don't see. Telling the dramatic story of two Syrians from vastly different walks of life who are thrown together through the circumstances of war, Red Lines is a gripping film highlighting the resilience of the Syrian people.

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Miners Shot Down

August 2012, Marikana. Thirty-four miners are shot dead by police and scores more left injured at the end of a six day strike. Playing out like a political thriller, Miners Shot Down pieces together what happened in those six days.

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Who is Dayani Cristal?

Director Marc Silver and Gael Garcia Bernal return with this gripping mystery. The body of an immigrant is found in Arizona's 'Corridor of Death', the words Dayani Cristal tattooed across his chest are the only clue to his identity. As we begin to learn more about the man, the story unfolds towards an emotionally devastating climax.

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In the rainforests of Eastern Congo lies Virunga, Africa's oldest national park and home to the last remaining mountain gorillas. As civil war erupts and corporate interests close in on the park's natural oil resources the park is under threat like never before.

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