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Filmed Q&As

Sacro GRA

Extended Q&A with Director Gianfranco Rosi in Conversation with Nick Bradshaw (Sight & Sound).

Presented by the Italian Cultural Institute, I Doc Italy, Open City Docs and DocHouse


Dirty Wars

Panel Q&A with Tom Watson, Kristinn Hrafnsson, Cori Crider, Mustafa Qadri and Jennifer Robinson.

An expert panel discuss Richard Rowley's award-winning Dirty Wars.


Olly Lambert and The Bombing of al-Bara

Between the Lines Follow-up Event: Extended Q&A with Director Olly Lambert

Olly Lambert discusses in depth the experience of filmmaking on the front line in Syria.


A World Not Ours

Q&A with Producer Patrick Campbell.



First Cousin Once Removed

Masterclass with Director Alan Berliner

Presenting his work in London for the first time, Emmy award-winning director Alan Berliner discusses his method and unique filmmaking style.


Our Nixon

Panel Q&A with Iwan Morgan, Paul Mitchell & Uta Balbier.

An expert panel discuss Penny Lane's wonderful doc, Our Nixon.


Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer

Q&A with Co-director Mike Lerner

Mike Lerner discusses art & politics, and how he came to make a film about notorious Russian feminist punk group, Pussy Riot.



Between the Lines follow-up event: Q&A with Editor Ollie Huddleston

Ollie Huddleston discusses his editing approach, style, and method.