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Filmed Q&As

My Name is Salt

Q&A with Director Farida Pacha and Cinematographer Lutz Konermann

Farida Pacha and Lutz Konermann join us to discuss their strikingly beautiful portrayal of an extraordinary world, looking at India's salt miners.



Who is Dayani Cristal?

Q&A with Director Marc Silver

Marc Silver discusses the documentary he made with Gael Garcia Bernal using one man's story to reveal the tragic results of the US war on immigration.



Q&A with Director Orlando von Einsiedel and Producer Joanna Natasegara

Following a sneak preview of Virunga, Director Orlando von Einsiedel and Producer Joanna Natasegara joined us at Riverside Studios for a Q&A.


The Unknown Known

Q&A with Director Errol Morris

Legendary filmmaker Errol Morris discusses his film The Unknown Known, a gripping exploration of the controversial career and philosophy of Donald Rumsfeld.


Sacro GRA

Extended Q&A with Director Gianfranco Rosi in Conversation with Nick Bradshaw (Sight & Sound).

Presented by the Italian Cultural Institute, I Doc Italy, Open City Docs and DocHouse


Dirty Wars

Panel Q&A with Tom Watson, Kristinn Hrafnsson, Cori Crider, Mustafa Qadri and Jennifer Robinson.

An expert panel discuss Richard Rowley's award-winning Dirty Wars.


Olly Lambert and The Bombing of al-Bara

Between the Lines Follow-up Event: Extended Q&A with Director Olly Lambert

Olly Lambert discusses in depth the experience of filmmaking on the front line in Syria.


A World Not Ours

Q&A with Producer Patrick Campbell.